Consumers are tired of checking-in at places in order to receive a special offer. Consumers are tired of searching countless coupon sites in order to receive that special deal online. Consumers do not have enough hours in the day to search for bargains. The days of having to check-in or scour coupon sites is over. All the retailers consumers want can be found in one convenient place: their phone. The Retail Pocket technology is committed to bringing the deals that consumers want directly to them!

How does our technology work for consumers? It is simple, all consumers have to do is download the app for their iPhone, Droid or Blackberry, plug in some basic information and our technology does the rest. The app can be downloaded FREE! There are countless customizable options that are easily accessible directly on a consumer’s smart phone. After downloading the app and customizing the personal interface, consumeres are ready to start receiving offers!

When consumers customize their preferences on their smart phone, our technology begins to learn who they are. As consumers go about their daily lives, our technology learns which retailers consumers like. Through this learning process, our technology pushes offers to consumers as they approach a participating store. The offer can be used in store or online and is redeemable immediately. The Retail Pocket technology knows where consumers like to shop and gives consumers every opportunity to save at their favorite retailers before they even have to think about shopping! This is not ‘spam-ware technology’ because consumers receive offers that they enjoy and that they need!